Washington Wizards Still Have Time To Trade Jordan Crawford

By Thomas Jones
Geoff Burke – US PRESSWIRE

The trade deadline is upon us. Later on today, teams will know how they will look to finish the season, and the Washington Wizards are no different. Still in need of another scorer to aid this scoring deficient team, they have a few hours to attempt to remedy the situation.

Unfortunately for the Wizards, they don’t have many desirable pieces that they are willing to part with in order to make this happen. Trading their first round pick of the upcoming draft should be out of the question. Trading John Wall or Bradley Beal appears to be out of the question.

What do they have left?

They still have Jordan Crawford to dangle to opposing teams. Sure, he isn’t a good defender, he has no clue what shot selection means, and he also appears to think of himself as a much better player than what his play dictates. But, one thing is for sure: Crawford is a proven scorer in this league. The Wizards should try offering a package of Crawford, Cartier Martin, and a second-round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Jeremy Lamb.

This deal would work for the Wizards as they would be getting rid of Crawford, who has fallen out of favor and rotation since the return of Wall and emergence of Beal. Lamb would be another young player who can shoot, but has not been able to crack the Thunder rotation this season. He would be able to see ample playing time right away on a Wizards team that is bound for the lottery once again.

Crawford can actually work out for the Thunder. He has shown the ability to run the point guard position in a pinch and score. He also would fit into the team’s scheme, as they run a ton of isolation plays. Crawford could come in and provide spot duty behind Russell Westbrook, or run with Westbrook on some occasions providing another scoring option for the Thunder. Martin would be a throw-in to match salaries, and the Wizards can give up the second rounder to sweeten the deal.

They still have time.

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