Washington Wizards Close To Trading Jordan Crawford To Boston Celtics

By Riley Schmitt
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE:  The deal is for Leandro Barbosa, not Fab Melo.

I guess Jordan Crawford might be the headliner of the NBA trade deadline. The Washington Wizards have traded the gunner to the Boston Celtics in one of the few deals done so far today.

There is no confirmation on what the Wizards will be getting back, but all signs point to Fab Melo. This would give the Celtics a glut of guards with no big men, and the Wizards a glut of big men, but who cares? A deal is a deal at this point. The Celtics are trying to make a playoff push, and Crawford helps them more than Melo does.

Crawford wanted out from the Wizards and he finally gets to play for a team that has a chance to do something. Sure, he takes a lot of stupid shots, and he might drive the fans insane. Maybe playing for a good team is the thing that he needs to get his career on the right track. If not, the Celtics aren’t out a lot by making this move.

We will see how the Wizards shape up after this move. They have a lot of young post players, and they simply can’t play all of them. That has to mean there are moves coming for them in the summer. You simply can’t have all those big guys on the roster and stand pat.

Maybe this is what the trade deadline needed to get started.  One can hope, right?

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