Derrick Rose Should Wait Until Next Year, Develop Jump Shot

By Andrew Fisher
Mark L. Baer – USA Today Sports

Will he, or won’t he? Will Derrick Rose suit up for the Chicago Bulls this season? It’s the question on many minds throughout the basketball world. At current time, it seems unlikely to me that Rose will play this season, and I don’t view that as a bad thing.

First off, how ridiculous is it that we now expect athletes to make it back from ACL surgery in less than a year? Rose is still only 10 months out from the injury that ended his 2012 campaign. We’re talking about an injury that used to end careers, and now we expect athletes to come back like nothing ever happened.

For those drawing comparisons to Adrian Peterson with this, stop it. It’s a completely different situation with football players. The big difference being that basketball players have to jump a heck of a lot more. You just can’t compare injury recovery times from one sport to another.

Secondly, Rose is the franchise in Chicago. They have no real future without him. If Rose takes this entire season off, it’s because he needs to. Obviously, any athlete is going to want to get back ASAP, but if it doesn’t make sense, then it just becomes stupid. Rushing Rose back would be very stupid.

Thirdly, even if Rose came back late in the season for a playoff run, could the Bulls really compete for a title? I think that answer is – no. Rose’s recovery only enters the last stage once he returns to the court. Just getting back is half the battle. Relearning the flow of the actual game is a whole different process.

Moral of the story – Rose will not have enough time to fully get back in the swing of things this year. Furthermore, I feel that he needs to slightly adjust his game upon return. Rose is the proverbial slashing point guard, always taking it to the rack. His jump shot and shooting skills are not at an elite level.

With the extra time the Rose figures to get, he needs to evolve his game and become a solid jump-shooter, and not just be reliant on taking it to the rack.

I know there are people saying, ‘that’s what Rose does,’ but we all saw where he wound up. Dude blew out his ACL making a jump cut. It wasn’t some freak collision, it was just him doing what he does, and his body gave out. This is indicative of a body that will continue to give out if put in the same circumstances over time, to me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling for Rose to completely change what he does out there, but he needs to add a reliable jump shot to his repertoire (which I’m sure he knows).

For Bulls’ fans that desperately want him back, I get it. But, the future of your franchise is at stake. Chicago is not going to win a title this year, no matter who’s on the floor, so why put your best player at risk?


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