Is Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets Star?

By Jared Hughes
Kenneth Faried Star for Denver

Kenneth Faried, in just his second season, is becoming the player down low that the Denver Nuggets need.  Averaging 12.2 points and 9.8 rebounds, he is becoming more and more important to the success of his team.

Faried defines what the Denver Nuggets are all about.  They play an uptempo game every night and his energy matches their culture.  Its very uncommon for a post player to display this type of energy.  “The Manimal” never wastes a bit of energy; he gives 100 percent every time he is out on the floor.  We don’t see too many big men running the break anymore these days, but when Faried gets the rebound he is going to run the break with the guards as a good power forward should do.

Lets imagine that Faried develops a better offensive game. How scary could this young man be?  He is already showcasing star quality competing in the Slam Dunk Contest and winning the MVP award in the Rookie vs Sophomore game.  This is only his second season and he is playing like a veteran.

He is one of the few players on the Denver Nuggets that I do not plan to see in trade rumors for the next five years.  The Manimal is a great player and is only going to get better.  Denver will have a star on their roster for a very long time and George Karl is excited about the future.

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