Fan Runs Onto Court At Toronto Raptors Game After Tweeting About It

By Michael Terrill
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A fan ran onto the court during the Toronto RaptorsNew York Knicks game Friday night for the sole purpose of fulfilling his interesting bucket list.

Devon Hicks decided it would be a brilliant idea to cheer on the Raptors in style with his homemade “Let’s Go Raps” T-shirt. On the back of the shirt read “Bucket List”, which means Mr. Hicks was either there to watch his favorite team play for the first time and was crossing it off his bucket list, or the apparent die-hard fan was about to do something amazing.

Anyone that follows Hicks on Twitter @DevMcHicks would have had a pretty good idea of what he was about to do that night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The man who plans to “Live Fast, Die A Legend” posted several tweets before the game hinting at what was in store for Saturday night.

When you’re planning on going to jail, you know it will be a fun night

Getting nervous! 4th quarter be ready

Let’s do it.”

The allegedly drunk Hicks dashed onto the floor during the fourth quarter just like he promised, ran around in circles and then was taken down by a team of security guards who responded rather quickly. He was then promptly taken to jail and had to pay what I would imagine to be a hefty fine, while most likely being told he could never again return to the arena.

Respect must be given when it is due, and Hicks definitely deserves it. This guy not only promised his loyal Twitter followers that he was going to do something special, but he actually went through with it when many of us would have backed out. I am sure it was easier because he was allegedly drunk, but still an incredible accomplishment nonetheless.

Hicks decided to show his appreciation to his followers early Sunday morning with the following tweet:

“I’m out of jail now! Thanks everybody #FreeDevonHicks

I can’t wait to see what he crosses off his bucket list next.

Update: Hicks has recently claimed that he was not intoxicated when he ran out onto the court.

He has also been banned from the Air Canada Centre for one year, but assures his new fans that he will return.

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