Making the Case for New York Knicks' Chris Copeland

By Thomas Duffy
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sportsss

The New York Knicks have lost four straight and have dropped the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference, but that’s another issue that’s already been  addressed here.

I like Mike Woodson as the coach of the Knicks, and I like almost everything that he has been doing this season. Well, almost everything.

Chris Copeland has not played more than 15 minutes since 11 games ago on January 26, and I cannot think of a possible explanation as to why that is.

When Woodson gives him a chance, Copeland performs. In December, Cope got serious minutes in six games. Over the course of those games, he gave the Knicks performances of 23, 14, 10, 8, 29, and 11 points for an average of 15.8 points per game.

The Knicks are skidding as of late, and the only action Copeland has seen over this four game losing streak was ten minutes in the blowout against the Indiana Pacers. When something isn’t working, it needs to change, and this whole “not-playing-Copeland” thing isn’t working.

All he needs is a chance. Is the 28-year old rookie going to single-handedly win New York the NBA championship? No, of course he isn’t. However, Copeland will definitely help carry the offensive load for the floundering Knicks.

Apparently, Woodson has not liked Copeland’s defense when he’s in. But then why isn’t Steve Novak (21 minutes per game), easily one of the worst defenders in the league, held accountable? It’s time for Woodson to let Copeland play, and give life to a team that has been playing its worst basketball of the season.

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