J.J. Redick Produces In First Game With Milwaukee Bucks

By Michael Terrill
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks may have lost 103-102 to the Atlanta Hawks Saturday night, but that does not mean newly acquired shooting guard J.J. Redick did not produce in his debut with the team.

Redick missed his first four shots of the game, but eventually found a little bit of a groove in which he was able to score 16 points along with seven assists and three rebounds. The former Orlando Magic player showed Milwaukee why they traded for him with his perimeter threat and high shooting percentage. He finished the game converting 44.4 percent of his shots from the field and 33.3 percent of his attempts from beyond the arc.

The 28-year-old fit in well with his new teammates, even though there were times where it looked like he was a little confused on where the ball was going to end up. There were moments when Redick ran into the corner expecting to get the ball for an uncontested three-point attempt, but instead would be left hanging due to the Bucks passing to Ersan Ilyasova or Larry Sanders instead.

Like shooting guard Monta Ellis, Redick is going to have to adjust to a different style of basketball than what was played with his previous team. However, I did enjoy the effort to get a good look from beyond the arc. Hopefully, Milwaukee will be able to feed him the ball more in those situations and take advantage of his skilled outside shooting ability.

It will be interesting to watch the Bucks going forward and how Redick will affect Ellis and point guard Brandon Jennings’ play. For instance, Jennings only attempted 11 shots against the Hawks, four less than his season average. Redick’s presence should improve Jennings’ shooting percentage, which should ultimately help Milwaukee win more games.

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