J.J. Redick Looks To Help Milwaukee Bucks Get Win In Second Game With Team

By Michael Terrill
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee Bucks newly acquired shooting guard J.J. Redick was disappointed with the team’s one-point loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Redick would like to do whatever he can to get the Bucks their first win with him on the team.

“I feel like I was brought here to help this team win and secure a good playoff position,” Redick said. “I’m a competitor, and I certainly didn’t want to start off with a loss here. Coming from Orlando, where in the last 30 games we were 3-27, I really wanted to win.”

It certainly was not the 28-year-old’s fault that the team fell short of their goal Saturday night. Redick went 4-for-9 from the field and 1-for-3 from beyond the arc to score 16 points in his debut with Milwaukee. He also posted seven assists, three rebounds and went a perfect 7-for-7 from the free throw line in 35 minutes.

Even though Redick did not know how much time he was going to spend on the court, and he started to get confused in the fourth quarter against the Hawks because of some of the plays the Bucks were calling, he still put forth a valiant effort that clearly gave the team a much needed boost of confidence.

“I’ve got to be honest,” Redick said. “I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if it would be 8 minutes or 20 minutes. They let me out there and let me get into a rhythm.”

“The only thing was,” the Bucks guard continued. “we got into the fourth quarter and they started calling plays I didn’t know. I was a little confused. But we’ll clean that up.”

Obviously, the play calling should not be a problem for the seven-year veteran going forward this season considering how much time he has spent in the NBA. In fact, there are bigger things to worry about such as helping Milwaukee get out of their incredibly bad losing slump, in which the team has lost nine of their last 11 games, and get back on track to clinch a postseason berth.

“My focus right now is helping this team secure a playoff spot and hopefully a higher playoff spot than the eighth seed,” Redick said.

The Bucks will take on the Dallas Mavericks Tuesday night at the American Airlines Center in Texas. The Mavericks are another team hoping to get into the playoffs, but they will need to get hot down the stretch in order to do so considering they are the 11th seed in the Western Conference.

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