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Monday Night it Was the Good Denver Nuggets

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to know why the Denver Nuggets are the most frustrating team in the NBA (maybe all of sports) I give you this. Exhibit one, they play the Washington Wizards last Friday night and they look awful. They were flat, uninterested and lost to one of the worst teams in basketball.

Then on Monday night, the Nuggets come out and win fairly easily against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are not the team that we have all grown to love or hate, but they have been playing better as of late. The opponent on Monday night doesn’t matter anyway, the point is that when the Nuggets play with effort, they can beat anybody in the league.

Yes I know I sound like a broken record, but that’s the point. Why is it that the fans can look at the Nuggets and say when they play hard they are really good, but the players don’t seem to get it? In the win over the Lakers, the Nuggets did everything that makes them a dangerous team. They played good team defense that led to fast-breaks. The passed the ball and got open looks almost at will; and they rebounded. Why is this so hard for this team to understand, I just don’t get it.

Wilson Chandler was terrific playing for an injured Danilo Gallinari, and he has to play more. The Nuggets are more athletic with Chandler in the lineup and he is a better defender. When the Nuggets are running, that makes JaVale McGee a much better player. McGee was made for this type of run and gun offense, but he is almost invisible when the Nuggets are forced to play half-court basketball.

There are still doubts if that kind of basketball can win in the playoffs, but this is who the Nuggets are. They are a running team and they are at their best when they are playing with their hair on fire. They did that on Monday night versus the Lakers and they must continue to play that way going forward.

Monday was the start of a big week for the Nuggets; the play at the Portland Trailblazers on Wednesday night and host the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday night. They got off to a good start but if they really want to show me something, win the next two playing the same way.

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