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NBA Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers’ Stellar Defense Being Overlooked

Chris Paul Vinny Del Negro

Howard Smith – USA Today Sports Images

The Los Angeles Clippers have thrived offensively this season. They’re averaging the ninth-most points per game in the NBA, have arguably the best point guard in the league in Chris Paul and, of course, have the Lob City to add excitement to their offensive game. However, that’s not the primary reason why the Clippers have been such a good team this season. That main reason happens on the other end of the floor for Los Angeles.

Their defense has been one of the best in the league in many ways this season. For starters, they’re allowing the fourth-fewest points per game in the NBA at 94.3 and have the fourth-best point differential per game at +5.8. It goes further, though.

Los Angeles also forces their opponents to commit 16.7 turnovers per game, the most in the NBA. Subsequently, they also lead the league in points off turnovers per game at 19.9. That ability to force turnovers and score off them actually fuels their offense and helps to keep the Lob City moniker sticking.

One of the most impressive things the Clippers do defensively, though, is how limited they make their opponents play offensively. They only allow their opponents to take 78.4 field goal attempts per game, the second fewest in the league behind the Memphis Grizzlies.

What’s impressive about that is that the Clippers average 94.2 possessions per 48 minutes while the Grizzlies average just 91.7. The Clippers allow just one more shot attempt per game than Memphis, despite averaging almost three more possessions per 48 minutes. And even with allowing so few shot attempts per contest, they still have the fifth-best opposing field goal percentage at just 43.8 percent.

The Clippers are currently the third-best team in the Western Conference at 40-18. They’re exciting and effective offensively. But there’s no way that they would be in the position they are without the remarkable defense that they’ve played this season.

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