Paul Pierce Still Clutch for the Boston Celtics

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Paul Pierce
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce put on a brilliant display last night in the team’s overtime victory against the Utah Jazz in Utah. It was a clutch performance by the Celtics captain as he took over in overtime and helped will the team to a victory. He displayed his usual clutch gene, hitting a number of difficult shots that he has so often done in the past.

This was a great performance by Pierce and it was great to see him revert back to the days when he was still in his prime. Even though he is now 35 years old and is not the same player he once was, he is still crafty enough to find opportunities to put the ball in the basket. Even at this age, he is still as clutch as ever.

You know that with the game on the line, the Celtics will give him the ball and let him isolate against the opposing defender. His patent move for Celtics fans who are somehow now familiar with Pierce’s tendencies is to start the ball near the top of the key, take a few dribbles to his right to get near the free throw line area and step back to his right for a fade away jump shot. He nearly won the game last night with this same move, but instead worked his magic in the overtime period.

Pierce should still be mentioned in the same breath as Kobe Bryant and other greats who excel in the clutch. He knows how to perform when the game is on the line and last night was just another example of what he is capable of doing.


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