Toronto Raptors Lose A Game They Needed To Win

By Shahab Khan
Kyle Lowry Toronto Raptors
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The mark of any good team is that they beat the teams they should beat. The mark of truly a great player is consistency. Monday night was an opportunity for the Toronto Raptors to show that at least they have become a good team by beating the Washington Wizards at the Air Canada Centre.

The Wizards have the worst road record in the NBA and the Raptors need every win they can get to climb into the playoffs. The night went as many have over the past few seasons as the home team lost to a team they should, and needed to, beat.

With a healthy John Wall, the Wizards are a changed team. They play hard and fast and make life difficult for any team they face, but the Wizards are what their record shows they are: a losing team. The Raptors should have cleaned the court with them. They didn’t and now it means trying to steal a win from a better team in their final 25 games left to play.

One of the main criticisms of Rudy Gay throughout his career has been his inconsistency. Even with the team winning seven of their last 10, he hasn’t had solid nights every night. The play of his teammates and his own end-of-game heroics have always covered up for this inconsistency. Last night, that didn’t occur. His shooting has been off since his move from the Memphis Grizzlies and last night it came to the forefront.

The Raptors needs Gay to be the best player on the court every single night. That would leave DeMar DeRozan to secondary scorer and leave Kyle Lowry to be the distributor. That didn’t happen in the loss against the Wizards. Gay’s shooting percentage is only at 37 percent since the trade–maybe the Grizzlies knew something the Raptors didn’t.

The Raptors have a good shot at making the playoffs. It’s very simple: all they have to do is beat the teams that they are better than. If they can’t even do that, then they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. It was a disappointing night for the team and its fans and if what happened last night continues, it will be another disappointing season.

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