Al Horford's 20-20 Demonstrates How Special He Is As NBA Superstar

By John Raffel
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports


Face it, as goes Al Horford, so goes the Atlanta Hawks. Various players for Atlanta such as Kyle Korver can’t help but acknowledge that factor. Running the offense through Horford spaces the floor and creates complications for defenses.

The Hawks at 32-23 have established  themselves as a probable playoff team and would like to think they could threaten to win one or two rounds. That’s going to depend largely on how Horford continues to produce. If he stays hot, the Hawks are likely to be in every game they play, including playoffs.

What’s unique about Horford is he almost always does something good with the ball once it’s in his hands. He was 10-of-13 from the floor against the Detroit Pistons. Seven of his 22 rebounds were on the offensive end.

Right now Horford is on a tear. He’s averaging 16 points, 10 rebounds and 3.2 assists a game. But in the last six games, he’s netted more than 20 points. If the Hawks want to make some noise in the playoffs, they’re going to need Horford to continue playing good basketball on both ends of the floor.

We’ll see what the rest of the season brings for the Hawks, but it sure will continue to rely on the skills of their big man, Al Horford.

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