Amazing Dunk During Chicago Bulls Halftime By "Easy J" Guy Dupuy: NBA Should Take Note

By gilgerard

(This dunk was on tonight’s 2/26 Sportcenter Top 10–he was dubbed the mystery man. Rant Sports in Chicago has their sources…)

In a day in age where NBA Superstars are too cool to compete in the dunk contest, the NBA clearly needs a change. The Chicago Bulls fans may have been disappointed with the outcome of Tuesday’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they at least received an opportunity to see an amazing dunk from Guy Dupuy who in my mind is better than most of the contestants who participate in the NBA Dunk Contest.

Instead of bending over backwards to beg players like LeBron James (even though he’s never participated) to take part in the dunk contest, why not switch the format up and give fans the opportunity to participate in the contest themselves? Not only would this give fans an opportunity to make a name for themselves, but it would bring more excitement to a contest that struggles with a strong fan base to begin with.

Think about it–imagine how many participants would take part in an event like this just so they could have an opportunity to make a name for themselves. Thanks to the Bulls bringing Dupuy on during Tuesday’s game, he has the chance to quickly become popular in the basketball world.

And who knows, it sounds crazy–but imagine the opportunities Dupuy may receive by throwing down an amazing dunk like this when he’s not even an NBA player. If he can pull off an impressive dunk like this, it’s safe to say he has a few more basketball tricks up his sleeve that would dazzle just about any fan watching him.


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