Can Javale Mcgee Develop for the Denver Nuggets?

Javale McGee

Javale McGee is a very interesting player to say the least.  With his very freakish athleticism and underrated low post play, you have to question what he can really be in this league and for the Denver Nuggets.

Unfortunately, he has made a reputation of having very low basketball IQ.  Made fun of on multiple TV networks such as ESPN, NBATV, and TNT, while making ridiculous plays, you have to wonder what the problem is. Good thing for the young center it wont take long for him to develop in this league.  He is already showing us flashes of brilliance and can only develop.  I understand he may be the laughing stock at times but I still believe in him.

One problem I do see for McGee is he hasn’t really played with veterans yet.  He’s no DeMarcus Cousins, but alike Cousins psychologically, being drafted into a young franchise with young players may have not been a good thing.  I believe that McGee understands the “knucklehead” reputation he has displayed and is now seeking maturity and knowledge.

This past summer, he was training with Hakeem Olajuwon working on his post game and footwork.  Let it be know that Olajuwon only offers his services to players he feel deserves the opportunity and similar to me, Olajuwon has faith in Javale McGee as well.  If he keeps working with Olajuwon, maybe just MAYBE, Denver could have a legit low post scorer; or at least improved post play.

Having his best season with the Washington Wizards, averaging 11.9 ppg and 8.8 rebounds, if he offers the Nuggets these same services, I see nothing but good things in the future for Denver.

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