Suspensions and Fines Handed Down to Indiana Pacers

By J.M. Nicholas
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday afternoon, NBA commissioner David Stern brought the hammer down on the Indiana Pacers and the Golden State Warriors, for the scuffle that occurred during their game on Tuesday night. Although the skirmish was little more than a shoving match between Indiana starting center Roy Hibbert and a few of the Warriors, the events of Tuesday night’s game have already been overblown and worn out in certain media circles. Regardless, fines and suspensions were expected for both teams, and that exactly what has happened.

Stern and the NBA decided to suspend one player on both teams, as well as fine several other players. Hibbert and Warrior David Lee have both been suspended for a single game for their involvement in the scuffle. Warriors Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, and Indiana Pacer Lance Stephenson have each also been fined $35,000 for their actions on the court.

Stern did what he had to do, even though this situation was nowhere near as eventful as certain media outlets tried to make it seem. The scrum rolled into the front row for a moment, near the tunnel at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Although things didn’t escalate much farther than pushes and shoves, it did take some time to settle. Nothing that occurs on the court can spill into the crowd, no matter how uneventful they may be.

Anytime anything even close to a brawl is mentioned in the same breath as the Indiana Pacers, it will invoke a few raised eyebrows. This is a small instance, that was blown way out of proportion, but will soon fade away. Hibbert has already offered to pay his teammates’ fine.

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