Washington Wizards On A Nice Little Roll and Three Game Winning Streak

Geoff Burke-US Presswire

As a Washington Wizards fan, this has been a frustrating season to say the least. The preseason John Wall injury derailed what many fans thought was going to be a solid run at one of the lower seeds in the Eastern conference playoffs. I’ll admit that I have not watched many games this year, because I attended two early season games and it was some of the worst professional basketball I have ever seen.

The truly depressing part? This year’s team didn’t have as many knuckleheads as last year, they actually play hard on defense and support each other publicly. They were just not good basketball players, granted those games were when Nene was still working his way back from injury (He is really an excellent passer by the way).

Since John Wall’s return though? They have played over .500 ball, and they are currently on a three game winning streak. Granted the win over the Raptors doesn’t say much, but wins over quality playoff teams like the Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets show that this team can build some momentum at the end of the year that will hopefully carry over next year. This is crucial because John Wall will be entering year four of his rookie contract and the organization needs to prove that they can put quality talent around him. Here’s a hint just to start. Fire Ernie Grunfeld. That Jordan Crawford trade was a travesty.

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