Break In Schedule Will Only Help Boston Celtics

By Andy Schmidt
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

There are a few things that are obvious about the Boston Celtics. Boston is old and needs to get as much rest as they possibly can. The Celtics are getting a break in the schedule this week with four days off after their win on Monday and getting back on the court on Friday night. If the Celtics are going to find a way to go deep into the playoffs, these days off are going to be a gift late in the season and something that Boston had better savor.

There are no more long breaks the rest of the year for this team and with Boston clinging to the seventh playoff spot, they should have one major goal for the rest of this season besides resting up. If the Celtics can keep themselves with the seventh seed or even move up to the No. 6 seed, they will avoid a first-round matchup with the Miami Heat. There is no team right now that wants to deal with that matchup.

Boston should allow their older players to get a day or two off their feet, maybe get some practice in before Friday night and try their best to keep playing so well without Rajon Rondo. These final six weeks of the regular season are going to really show what Boston could do in the playoffs. This is a team that needs Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to play lights-out in the playoffs if they want to make another run for a championship before the two hang up the sneakers for their careers.

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