NBA Rumors: Could Kyle Korver Return To The Chicago Bulls?

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Tim Fuller- USA TODAY Sports

We all remember Kyle Korver; the three-point specialist who was the face of the bench mob. We can all remember his offensive game as well as his lack of defense, but we can also remember how well he fit into the rotation of the team. When his number was called he seamlessly transitioned onto the floor without as much as a second thought from the fans. So when he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks over the summer many fans (myself included) were disappointed. My disappointment let up when Marco Belinelli joined the team and became a consistent contributor but he still has not filled the shoes left behind by Korver. Rumors surfaced on Monday that Korver wouldn’t be opposed to returning to play with the Chicago Bulls and the Bulls should really think about bringing him back over the summer.

Korver brought many things to the Bulls over two seasons and the most important was his shooting. He was the team’s leading three point shooter and his 43 percent shooting from beyond the arc greatly exceeded what Belinelli is shooting now (35 percent). Korver kept Chicago out of the bottom tier of teams in terms of three pointers made while the Bulls have slipped to the fifth worst in the league behind Belinelli’s presence. I like Belinelli but I like Korver more. Korver brought a reliable option from outside and his chemistry with Derrick Rose was unmatched. When Rose penetrated the lane like he often did, the defense would collapse opening up an easy jumper for Korver. Korver -as well as the rest of the bench mob- kept Chicago in the upper echelon of teams and made them a -if not the only- serious challenger for the Miami HeatThe Bull’s organization made a lot of shifty moves over the off-season to save money and keep the team competitive and they should approach this off-season the same way. Bringing Korver back would give them a reliable scorer off the bench and from the sounds of it; he would seriously consider an offer from them.

Korver is enjoying his time in Atlanta mainly because of his ability to play freely; he can pass and shoot without hesitation and he is playing more minutes now than he has since his third season in the league. These are all great things for a player who continues to improve and the work he has put in with the Hawks ups his value in that it has makes him a more effective offensive contributor. He doesn’t have to rely solely on catch-and-shoot opportunities and his ability to create his own shot is an asset that the Bulls could utilize if he were to return. When asked about a return to Chicago, he said that he definitely consider returning.   He talked about his love for the fans and the city as well as the respect of putting on a Bull’s jersey and all those things combined make me believe that Korver has not seen his last days in Chicago.

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