Steve Nash does not regret leaving Phoenix Suns for Los Angeles Lakers

By Robert White
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t had a superb season my any means, but that doesn’t mean Steve Nash regrets his decision to leave the Phoenix Suns last summer.

Nash decided to chase a ring at age 38 after an eight-year stint with the Phoenix Suns that never progressed further than the Western Conference Finals and thus far the move to the Lakers hasn’t worked out as well as we all expected.

In an interview with USA Today, Nash claimed leaving Phoenix was the correct decision.

“Ten out of 10 times, I make the same decision again,” Nash told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. “I’ve gotten to see my kids probably four times as much as I’d seen them if I’d have gone back East. That’s first and foremost. Second of all, it’s a great experience to play for the Lakers organization. … I’m happy here.

“I’m beyond playing for the credit or the adulation. I feel secure in myself as a player. I just want to help this team, regardless of what it means for me personally.”

Nobody envisioned the Lakers stumbling out to 28-30 record, in danger of missing out on the playoffs altogether, and despite being reunited with long-time Phoenix Suns’ coach Mike D’Antoni, Nash hasn’t acclimatized to a new style of play. Some nights Nash has control of the Lakers’ offence, other nights he’s forced to play off the ball- a position he doesn’t have a huge amount of experience in.

In the unlikely event the Lakers surge, make the playoffs and go on to have a big run, Nash’s decision will have been a poor one. It wasn’t easy for him to find his way onto the Lakers’ roster, but there are a number of other contenders out there that would have provided a much better fit.

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