Ryan Anderson Doing What He Can For Hapless New Orleans Hornets

By John Raffel
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson and his New Orleans Hornets have had better games than the travesty they played Wednesday against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It wasn’t pretty, especially offensively. The Hornets shot 35 percent while the Thunder were 55 percent in Oklahoma City’s 119-74 NBA drubbing of New Orleans.

It wasn’t meant to be the Hornets night and it wasn’t.

Give Anderson credit. He did what he could, which meant 5-of-11 from the floor and 3-of-6 from the 3-point arc for 14 points, plus one assist and one steal. When your team loses by 45 points, more production is needed from some other players than one, which was Anderson in this case.

He continues to have a strong season with 16.7 points and 6.5 rebounds per game. He’s dangerous when he’s shooting around 50 percent each game, which obviously makes him a valuable commodity. His point totals have been steady. A recent game against the Dallas Mavericks brought out the best in Anderson, when he shot 7-of-12 from the floor and scored 20 points.

His playing minutes have been going up lately, and they should. He’s been as steady as any New Orleans performer and deserves to be rewarded for it.

Unfortunately for the Hornets, Anderson can’t do it all. Poor shooting percentages aren’t going to take a team very far and right now, the Hornets are going nowhere.

This is not a playoff team, nor is it a franchise building for the playoffs for anytime soon. Not enough talent is there.

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