Time Has Come For Michael Jordan To Sell Charlotte Bobcats

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of things that Michael Jordan is known for. Jordan is probably the greatest player in the history of the National Basketball Association and has won six titles over his career. Jordan is also very quickly getting known for the fact that he might be one of the worst owners in NBA history. With the state of the Charlotte Bobcats right now and Jordan’s obvious lack of ability to lead an organization instead of wanting to play again, the time has come for Jordan to get out of the ownership game.

The Bobcats are 20-103 over the last two seasons heading into the month of March. An owner who knows what he is doing would make changes with his team. Jordan went out and hired Mike Dunlap this last offseason to be his coach. Dunlap came in with zero experience as a head coach in the NBA and the team hasn’t got any better. If you want to win and you have a team that can’t win any games, don’t you go out and get a coach who has won something before?

It is obvious that Jordan is in over his head with being an owner. He seems to be more focused on his golf game and beating his own players in games of one-on-one instead of getting a quality coach and better players. I thought for a long time that Elgin Baylor was the worst former NBA player who became an executive. That opinion is changing quickly right now though. That honor is going to Jordan and if the Bobcats don’t improve soon, Jordan’s legacy gets tarnished even further.

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