Andrew Bynum Unsure If He'll Play This Season

By Trisity Miller
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like what we all guessed is true: Andrew Bynum probably won’t be playing a game this season.

And as much as we want to complain about how Dwight Howard has played this season, Mitch Kupchak has come out of the 4-team trade that brought Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers and Bynum to Philly looking like a complete genius.

Before the All-Star break Bynum said that he’d be playing sometime in February. Now after more issues with his right knee he isn’t positive he’ll see the court for Philly.

“It’s like, if your right arm is hurting and someone punches you in the left one, you forget about the right one,” Bynum said. “So that’s kind of where I’m at right now.”

Andrew Bynum not sure if he’ll play this season

I don’t know if anyone was actually in total belief that Bynum would play a game. The Philadelphia 76ers are currently 22-34 and 10th in the Eastern Conference, six games out of the eighth seed. Despite the season that Jrue Holiday is having, appearing in what looks to be the first All-Star game of many, it just isn’t enough in Philly.

At the end of the season Bynum will be an unrestricted free agent and Philly has noted that they want to re-sign him, but it won’t be at the max contract Bynum could have received if he was completely healthy. Before the trade, most mentioned Bynum as the only center you could compare to Dwight Howard and that would have certainly made him a hot commodity in the summer, but now you have to wonder what his market will be.

Until that time comes, this 76ers team will be worried about the NBA Draft and if Coach Doug Collins will be returning next season.

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