Boston Celtics Interested in Greg Oden?

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Greg Oden
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics are reportedly interested in free agent center Greg Oden and it remains to be seen if the team will make a major play for him.  They recently signed D.J. White and Shavlik Randolph off of the free agent scrap heap, so that probably sends signals that the team decided to take a pass on the one time number one overall NBA Draft pick.  If Oden was completely healthy, then he obviously wouldn’t be available for any team to simply sign.

As previously mentioned, the Portland Trailblazers selected Oden with the first pick in the 2007 NBA Draft and the fact they took Oden is certainly a sore subject for Blazers fans whenever you bring up the topic.  There is a pretty good player on the Oklahoma City Thunder named Kevin Durant that they bypassed in favor of Oden.  Just imagine if they had taken Durant instead of him.  This probably would mean that the team wouldn’t still have Damian Lillard as they probably wouldn’t be picking in the top ten with a guy like Durant to build around, but if they had taken him, who knows what could have happened.

In relation to the Celtics, it seems unlikely that the team will take a chance on the one time prodigy.  He is clearly a very productive player when healthy, but that has been very infrequently.  If his knees could somehow hold up, then many teams would be kicking themselves for not giving him a chance.  The Celtics could use some size so it wouldn’t hurt to see what they would have with Oden.


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