Dallas Mavericks' Coach Rick Carlisle Needs More Consistent scoring

By John Raffel
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Among the many problems the Dallas Mavericks are fighting through are turnovers. That’s not a minor problem either. But in their last two games, the Mavericks have sustained 21 miscues against Memphis Grizzlies and 20 against the Bucks in a pair of NBA losses.

More discipline on offense has to be the No. 1 priority for coach Rick Carlisle. A close second has to be getting his team to shoot far better than it has in recent games.

Carlisle has to figure out how to get more of a flow out of his offense. No one on the Dallas order seems to want to produce points on a consistent basis. That’s why this team isn’t going to be playing in the postseason.

Dallas had 21 turnovers, a night after committing 20 miscues against Milwaukee, which also resulted in a loss. That starts with Dirk Nowitzki who had 21 points and 20 rebounds against Milwaukee. He then goes to 10 points against Memphis with 4-of-11 shooting and only has four boards.

Dallas’ leading scorer, O.J. Mayo had 11 points on 5-for-13 shooting. Shawn Marion had 16 points to lead Dallas but he scored 10 in the first quarter and only six the rest of the way. Those are the type of inconsistent stats that have been a mark of this team.

Carlisle’s dilemma is obvious. How he fixes it is a whole different matter. Every loss that Carlisle and his Mavericks continue to endure is another step toward being a one-season removed NBA champion to failing to qualify for the playoffs.

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