Denver Nuggets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder: A Throwback Game

By Joe Morrone
Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season is too long, and it is littered with games on Tuesday or Wednesday nights that fans should be paid to attend. However, every now and then, there’s a game in the midst of this marathon that grabs your attention.

One of those games is in Denver on Friday night as the Denver Nuggets host the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder are the defending Western Conference Champions, and one of the best teams in the NBA again this season. Denver is one of the most interesting teams heading down the stretch, and one of the best home teams in the league – this one has all the makings of a terrific basketball game.

Not only is this a game between two very good teams, but it is also a bit of a throwback to when basketball was really fun.

The NBA, for the most part, features teams that walk the ball up the court and are very deliberate in their offense. That won’t be the case on Friday night in Denver, as the Thunder and the Nuggets both love to play up-tempo.

These are two of the best fast-break teams in the league, and both feature terrific point guards. Russell Westbrook of the Thunder has been one of the best players in the NBA for a while, and Ty Lawson of the Nuggets is playing as well as anyone. Both Westbrook and Lawson will push the pace, and watching the two of them go head-to-head will be worth the price of admission by itself.

The Thunder will also bring Kevin Durant with them and if it wasn’t for a guy named LeBron James, Durant would be the best basketball player in the world. He’s a special player who can beat you inside, and then tear your heart out with a 3-pointer. The Nuggets counter with many players who love to get out on the break and beat you with their athleticism. Kenneth Faried, Danilo Gallinari, and Andre Iguodala are at their best when they are running the wings with Lawson.

If you are a fan of defense or the way basketball is being played these days, then this one is not for you. However, if you remember the 1980’s and how the game used to be played, then we have a treat for you. The team that wins on Friday night may have to score 120 points, and even that may not be enough.

In the grand scheme of things, the game is not that important. Both teams are pretty well locked into their playoff spots, but it is a big game for the Nuggets. They need to continue to prove that they can win these types of games and play with the best, and a win tonight would cap a terrific week for the Mile High Crew.

It’s Friday night and a lot of people have plans, but if it is at all possible, you may want to find a television at 10:30 eastern time and turn it to ESPN. In this day and age of boring NBA basketball, this one has all the makings of a track meet.

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