Houston Rockets not the ideal suitor for Aaron Brooks

By Robert White
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Brooks will return to Houston Rockets next week after being waived by the Sacramento Kings on Friday, however the playing time issues he experienced in Sacramento will not be resolved simply by returning to the Rockets.

When Brooks signed with the Sacramento Kings this past summer after a stint in China during the 2011 NBA lockout and then the Phoenix Suns, the move raised eyebrows. Despite being the most experienced point guard on the Kings’ roster, Brooks was never able to cement his status as the team’s number one point guard even though the two-year, $6.6 million deal he received meant he was being paid like one.

Brooks had to contend with two second-year players requiring developmental minutes at the point- Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer Fredette. The pending sale of the Sacramento Kings has also loomed over the franchise for the duration of the season and when it became apparent the team was going to have another losing season, Brooks became an afterthought. Given just 21 minutes a game after a successful stint running the point guard position for the Houston Rockets in 2009-10 when he averaged 19.6 points and 5.3 assists per game and won the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award, Brooks was left to waste to away on Sacramento’s bench.

As Yahoo! Sports is reporting, Brooks will now try to reclaim his early career success with the team that put him on the NBA map, only don’t expect things to go as smoothly as it did four years ago for the 28-year-old.

In Houston, Brooks will have to contend with another point guard the Rockets want to see eventually lead them to playoff success- Jeremy Lin. It will not matter if Lin and his excessive contract continue to underwhelm, the Harvard product is just as important to the Rockets commercial success as he is to their on-court success.

Next summer will prove to be defining move for Brooks- will he play out the rest of his career as a backup constantly putting pressure on a starting point guards for more minutes, or will he sign with a team that will give him the opportunity to become a certified NBA starter once more?

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