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NBA Sacramento Kings

Kevin Johnson’s Plan To Keep Sacramento Kings Too Little, Too Late

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Johnson is going to do everything to keep the Sacramento Kings in town. The mayor of Sacramento and two-time NBA All-Star announced that two investors want to buy the Kings to avoid the team moving to Seattle. While the idea sounds good on the surface, I think it could be a case of too little, too late. There is going to be a decision made in April on whether or not the sale of the team goes to other investors who want to move the team. Johnson thinks, though, he now has the people in place to keep the team in Sacramento.

The problem is that the Maloof brothers have the deal already in place with the Seattle investors. If Johnson wanted the team to stay in Sacramento, maybe he should have gotten these investors to come out in public and state they wanted to buy the team instead of waiting until now when agreements are already in place. There is no doubt that Johnson has found solid investors, including former Kings’ star Mitch Richmond, but this plan is going to fall short in the end.

The team will end up in Seattle and at that point, there will be a lot of blame passed around. It isn’t all going to be on Johnson, but some blame will be put on him. Johnson can make all the speeches he wants to gain more support from the NBA to be considered for this, but as the saying goes, he is a day late and a dollar short. Johnson should probably just accept the Kings leaving.

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