Carmelo Anthony's Game-Changing Talents Boost New York Knicks

By John Raffel
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony has many talents as an NBA superstar, among them is being a game charger. He can easily ignite his team on spurts and deflate the opposition.

That seemed to be the case Friday night when Anthony scored 30 points in leading the New York Knicks to a 96-88 win over the Washington Wizards at a place where even the best NBA teams have been losing lately, Washington D.C.

Spurts make the difference in any NBA game, and Anthony is among the most explosive players who can lead a team on a damaging run before the other team realizes what happened.

The Knicks opened the fourth quarter with a 10-0 run. They ended at 9-2.Washington entered quarter ahead 77-73. On the other hand, the Knicks allowed spurts to the Wizards and that nearly cost New York the game.

Anthony puts up a lot of shots but usually makes a decent percentage. He netted 10 against the  Wizards, which maybe isn’t as many as he’s capable of, but it was enough to get the job done. He’s going to have to hit above his averages for the rest of the season if the Knicks want to be a true NBA title contender

Give Anthony credit, he remains amazingly productive. He’s averaging 28.5 points a game, so when he puts in 30, he’s acting normal. He’s averaging 6.4 rebounds and 2.8 assists and against the Wizards he had six rebounds and three assists. So again, he had a typical Anthony game. His shooting percentage is 44.2 percent for the season which he came slightly below against Washington.

But the Knicks are a team that could use even more numbers from Anthony. Can he deliver? Sometimes, but that’s the problem; they need him to beat his numbers all the time.

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