Andre Miller Just What Denver Nuggets Need

By Jared Hughes
Andre Miller
Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY

Veteran Andre Miller is a great backup point guard for the Denver Nuggets. Capable of being a starter, he is perfect in his position coming off of the bench. Having Miller as a backup benefits Ty Lawson significantly, as he brings the experience and veteran presence that every young team needs.

Miller has always been able to move teams on the offensive end, and have offered service in any type of way a team needed. He is known for his offensive ability and arsenal of moves. Despite not being a particularly athletic guard, he has given defenders crossovers left to right, pump fakes, changes of speed, good mid-range jump shooting, and just the great ability of scoring, as well as playmaking.

In short, he’s done it all on the court.

Playing for a number of teams, he has always been the point guard that a team needs. The Denver Nuggets need him tremendously, as no other backup point guard could realistically offer Denver the services he offers. He will be big for Denver in the playoffs, slowing the game down and speeding it up when possible.

Ty Lawson, being a younger point guard, sometimes runs into issues. When he can’t quite play his game the way he wants to, Miller will gladly step in and show him how its done. Veteran presence is very important – just imagine what Denver could accomplish if they had more veterans on the team.

Andre Miller is perfect in his role for the Denver Nuggets.

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