Boston Celtics Sign Terrence Williams to Unexpected Contract

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Terrence Williams
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics made some surprising news today when they announced the signing of Terrence Williams to a two year contract, only a little over a week after signing him to a ten day contract.  This is very surprising news and it is obvious that the Celtics are a big fan of Williams’ game.  It seemed that they might sign him for the rest of the season, but giving him a contract beyond this year came out of left field.

We have written numerous articles on Williams since he signed in February.  He has been a journeyman since being drafted years ago by the then New Jersey Nets out of Louisville.  He was always immensely talented and playing for Rick Pitino in college certainly helped him.  He was taken in the lottery coming out of the draft and it wouldn’t be a stupid statement to say that if he wasn’t such a knuckle head, he would have carved out a nice little role for himself.  Although standing 6’6″, he plays like a point guard and head coach Doc Rivers has said numerous times that he views Williams as a point guard.  That was a little surprising to hear simply because he has not played much point in his NBA career.  He could certainly help the team in that role for the remainder of the season as they still do need depth at the position.

GM Danny Ainge has long liked Williams and he clearly thinks there is a spot for him in the team’s future.


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