Lack Of Development Hurting Washington Wizards

By Thomas Jones
Steve Mitchell – US PRESSWIRE

The Washington Wizards have been playing some decent basketball in the last few weeks. In fact, the Wizards are 14-11 since the return of John Wall to the linuep. As the team looks to close out the season on a high note, they need to find out what they really have in a few of their younger players. Wall is a cornerstone player, Bradley Beal has proven himself to be a cornerstone player, the rest of the young players have a lot of work to do.

The play of the front court often takes a dip in play once Nene Hilario or Emeka Okafor come out for a rest. The rotation of Chris Singleton, Jan Vesely, and Kevin Seraphin have been extremely inconsistent. Trevor Booker missed a good part of the season with knee injury but, he goes games without seeing any game action as well. All of these players were drafted by the Wizards in the first round and none of them have done much to warrant consistent playing time from Randy Whittman.

The Wizards need to get more out of these players or get rid of them. Vesely was taken sixth overall to run with Wall and run is the only skill the team knows he have. Maybe the inconsistent playing time isn’t helping Vesely to development. It looks as if he wasn’t ready to play in the NBA and would have benefited from staying in Europe for a year or two before coming over.

Seraphin has to work on other parts of his game other than shooting. He has fell in love with scoring and too often misses assignments on defense and doesn’t grab rebounds enough for a player of his size and position. Singleton needs to become less of a offensive liability when on the floor. Working on his mid range game would certainly increase his playing time.

If the Wizards wish to continue to see improvement, developing their young players is the key. Figuring out if they have the right players for the way the want to play should be step one. This is the time to decide if they want to take the time to develop the guys they currently have or move on.

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