The Orlando Magic Lose, Again as They are on a Horrid 4-31 Run

By Craig Ballard
John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

The 2012-13 Orlando Magic were going to struggle, they are one of the top-five youngest teams who were surely headed for the lottery, but currently they are better than only the putrid Charlotte Hornets. Yikes. There are reasons for the Magic’s plummet this season as they have been hit with injuries to guys like Hedo Turkoglu, Al Harrington, Glen Davis and recently Jameer Nelson. Throw in the trade of their best bench performer in J.J. Redick and we see even more reasons why this team’s pleasant 12-13 start has plummeted all the way to the putrid 4-31 run they are currently on.

Through their first 25 games the Magic were averaging just 91.6 points per game, but they were yielding just 94. During this current 4-31 run their scoring is slightly up to 94.3 points per game, but the defense has regressed massively as they are now allowing over 100 points per contest. No doubt the injuries figure in here, but none the less we know that results are the bottom line in the NBA and Jacque Vaughn is struggling mightily to produce development and results in Florida.

The defense in particular is alarming. The Magic started 5-4 in games where they allowed 100+ points, but they have won just twice in the last 22 times that they allowed their opponent to get triple-digits.

This team needs to get some guys healthy as they are looking to find causes for optimism going forward. The Magic are in full rebuild mode, but even so the way they are losing is demoralizing, and the lack of development is somewhat alarming. For Magic fans sake, I hope that the last 20 games allow for hope and direction going forward, especially on the defensive end.

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