Will Denver Nuggets Have Any All-Stars Next Season

By Jared Hughes
Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY

Since the departure of Carmelo Anthony, the Denver Nuggets haven’t had one player make the All-Star team.  The closest they have gotten to All-Star weekend is Kenneth Faried competing in the dunk contest and winning MVP of Rising Stars Challenge.

Do they even have anyone capable of making the All-Star team in the Western Conference?  At this pace, the only players capable of making the All-Star team next season is Danilo Gallinari and a possibility of Kenneth Faried.  The Western Conference is flooded with talent, especially at the guard and forward position.  The point guards and shooting guards consisted of Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Tony Parker; therefore, it may be safe to say Ty Lawson and Andre Igudola will not be making the trip to All-Star weekend unless it’s for the Dunk Contest and Skills Challenge.

The forward positions are a bit easier to distinguish.  Of course, the starting positions are locked for maybe the next five to seven years with Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, but there may be room for reserves.  Danilo Gallinari could possibly move Tim Duncan and Zach Randolph out of their seats.  Duncan is only getting older and probably wont see too many All-Star games.  Zach Randolph in my opinion should not have made it this season as there were other players worthy of the spot say Stephen Curry being a guard.  This is where Danilo comes in.

Let’s say he steps it up just one more notch from his current state of play, there’s no doubt about it, he gets the spot.  He only is the best player on the Denver Nuggets and in the words of the NBA 2k13 announcers, “he may be the 2nd best small forward on the west coast.”  There is definitely a possibility.  As for Faried, he is what they call a wild card.  He may well be deserving of the spot, but veterans are favored by coaches depending on who is selecting.

There are possibilities for players of the Nuggets to make a trip to All-Star weekend next season.

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