Boston Celtics Might Consider Patric Young in Draft

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Patric Young
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics figure to have a draft pick somewhere in the middle to late first round of June’s NBA draft and there will be a number of guys that could intrigue the team.  With the NCAA tournament just around the corner, we only seemed it would be fitting to take a look at guys who could be future Celtics down the road.  Today we take a look at Patric Young, a 6’9” center out of Florida.  He is a bruiser in the low post and is fairly similar to Jared Sullinger, just with more athletic ability.  If you were going to build a guy for the forward position, physically he would look a lot like Young.

Young has always had a ton of upside but has never really put it all together to make it click.  He is on a loaded Florida team this year where he can simply be one of the guys.  He doesn’t have to be a vocal point offensively or defensively for the team to win.  One area he certainly has to improve in his outside shooting ability.  Around the basket he is a nightmare for opposing defenses, but once he gets 15 feet out, it is much more difficult for him to score.  An improved jump shot would go a long way towards improving his draft stock by the time June rolls around.

Young is certainly a guy the Celtics would take a look at, considering their need for additional front court players.  Sullinger should be healthy by next year’s training camp, but it doesn’t hurt to add another piece as insurance.


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