Chandler Parsons' Career Night Major Boost For Houston Rockets

By John Raffel
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

If the Houston Rockets could secure home-court advantage for the NBA playoffs (which doesn’t seem likely right now), they’d be in excellent shape.

But if Chandler Parsons plays like he did Sunday in a 136-103 crushing Dallas Mavericks by the Rockets, it might not matter where they play.

The Rockets are bringing back memories for the most nostalgic fans in the NBA when it was common for the winning team to score in the 130s. But in this era of defensive focus, what Parsons and his teammates accomplished the other night could be considered amazing.

Parsons had a career-high of 32 points, but it was how he did it that made his performance the top pick for the NBA highlight film this particular evening. Shooting 12-of-13 from the floor is going to make any NBA player virtually unstoppable, but Parsons gives credit to his teammates for a career night, which also broke a nine-game Houston losing streak to the Mavericks, not a factor to be taken lightly.

It was a matter of the Rockets spacing out the offense and moving the ball effectively to provide Parsons with open floor movement. Whenever he got the ball, his eyes were bulging as he went to the hoop.

He also accomplished this against a team that’s two seasons gone from being NBA champs, albeit the Mavs are struggling this season. But Parsons’ performance was not a fluke. His season stats shows that with 15.1 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 3.7 assists averages per game. It proves he’s the real deal.

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