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NBA Utah Jazz

Derrick Favors is the face of the Future For Utah Jazz

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Power forward Derrick Favors has had to wait his turn while sitting behind Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, but next season Favors will become the featured post player for the Utah Jazz.

After being selected third overall by the then New Jersey Nets Favors, then the youngest player in the NBA, was quickly sent to the Jazz in exchange for point guard Deron Williams. Favors production immediately increased with the Jazz, with Favors scoring and player efficiency numbers receiving a modest bump from 6.3 points and 12.6 PER with the Nets to 8.2 points and a 16.8 PER with the Jazz is about the same amount of minutes. Favors was more assertive with the Jazz as a back up for Millsap and Jefferson and produced at a similar rate with the Jazz in his second season.

Now in his third NBA season and still only 21-years old Favors has again increased his scoring to 9.4 points to go along with 6.4 rebounds and is in line to become a starter for the Jazz next season with both Jefferson and Millsap scheduled to him free agency. Jefferson and Millsap’s exit opens the door for Favors and fellow young post player Enes Kanter to become full-time starters, giving the Jazz a young core to develop together. If they continue to develop at their current rate Favors and Kanter could potentially grow into becoming one of the most formidable post duos in the NBA.

If the Jazz somehow fall out of the playoff picture and they land a high lottery pick the Jazz could use the pick to acquire a young guard to compliment their young bigs. This type of management could have the Jazz avoiding the Western Conference basement and in contention for a playoff spot for years to come.