Derrick Rose Sitting on Sideline Might be Good Sign for Chicago Bulls

By Cody Williams
Derrick Rose Bulls Bench
Jerry Lai – USA Today Sports Images

On Sunday night as the Chicago Bulls faced off against the Indiana Pacers on ESPN, sitting on the Bulls’ bench was a familiar face. It’s one that hasn’t been on their sideline at all this season—the face of their superstar, Derrick Rose. Ultimately the Bulls fell short against the Pacers, losing the contest 97-92, but the fact that Rose joined his team on the bench for the first time this season is a good sign.

There was no word following the game on when Rose is planning on returning to action or anything like that. However, the fact that he was sitting on the sideline seems like it could mean more than meets the eye.

This could be grasping at straws, but it seems like Rose sitting on the sideline could mean that he’s once again getting assimilated into the routine of being with the team and traveling with the team because his return is going to be in the near future. Perhaps he’s been participating in more team activities with Chicago and his presence on the sideline is a concealed indication of that.

That could not be the case, but it would be best for the Bulls if it was. With guys like Joakim Noah complaining about their workload minutes-wise and many of the other Chicago players struggling to stay healthy, they really need their superstar back in the lineup.

If Rose returns this season, he won’t immediately be the game-changing guard that fans have come to know him as. However, he will still be the leader of the Bulls and one of their most consistent players. So for the sake of Chicago, let’s hope that him sitting on the bench means that he’s closer to returning than anyone realizes.

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