John Wall Continues to be a Model of Consistency

By raymondlyons
John Wall Washington Wizards
Geoff Burke – US Presswire

Nothing in life is worse than mediocrity except maybe continuous mediocrity. That phrase epitomizes the career of John Wall up to this point. The Washington Wizards point guard’s production has not increased (or declined for what it’s worth) since his rookie season. For a player of his abilities, that’s mildly disappointing. Granted he has not been put in the greatest position for growth and his supporting cast has been pedestrian at best, but Wall has been the exact same player since he’s been in the league. His numbers at Kentucky basically mirror his NBA stats sans 1.5 assists per game.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not turning my nose up at Wall’s numbers at all, but if your rookie point guard puts up 16 points per game and eight assists, the “return on my investment” factor kicks in and I start to get extremely excited about what’s in store for the future. And what was in store for the Wizards’ future? Another 16 points and eight assists season for Wall along with a sub par jump shot and an obscene amount of useless turnovers. But alas, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Though he was injured for much of this season, the Wizards have played much better since Wall’s return to the team. This is the best supporting cast he has played with to date and the Wizards are actually finding a way to win some games. But I believe they will only go as far as Wall will take them. He has to develop some kind of consistent mid range game. He can’t find passing lanes when people are sagging into the paint because his jumper doesn’t deserve respect. The turnovers have got to go. Their offense is nowhere near potent enough to have any wasted possessions. Also, he has to continue to improve if he doesn’t want Bradley Beal to turn him into Jermaine Jackson.

Athletes don’t get a lot of leeway these days, especially if you’re a #1 pick. You need to be winning championships the day after the draft or else you stink. People aren’t going to have a lot of patience with Wall. There are already grumblings of him being a bust. After two and a half seasons, I think that’s pretty premature. We shall see. For now though, Wall has a lot of work to do. Let’s just hope his work ethic matches his physical abilities.

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