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LeBron James’ Knee Injury Should Not Stop Him From Playing

LeBron James

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James was great as always against the New York Knicks, but offered yet another scary moment when he landed awkwardly on a play, seemingly injuring his left knee. However, he should be good to go tonight, as the Miami Heat will look to extend their 14-game winning streak against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The way James plays, he is bound to have some scary falls every now and then. Those moments when he takes a hard foul in the air and slams down on the ground is always a heart-stopping moment for most basketball fans.

This year alone, we have seen LeBron hit the deck in ways that would have sidelined a normal human being for weeks, months or even longer. Only he is not a regular human being. His durability and physical fitness are qualities that are just as admirable as his overall skill level on the basketball court.

James took one of those hard hits in the third quarter against the Knicks last night. Dwyane Wade tossed a half-court lob to James, who was hit in the air by J.R. Smith, landing in a way which could have caused some serious ligament damage. As James was on the floor, he was stretching his leg out while grimacing in pain. His teammates went on to pick him up, eagerly waiting for him to put weight on the leg, hoping he would be fine.

As he usually does, James walked around for a little bit, shook off the pain and continued to play. After the game, he agreed it was a scary moment, and while he hoped to be able to play against the Wolves the following day, he was still concerned.

According to ESPN, James has been examined by doctors, responded well to the treatment and should be good to go tonight. How many players can take that kind of a fall, finish the game and then go on to play the next day? Certainly not many. Let’s not take that for granted.

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