Washington Wizards Win With Defense And Timely Shooting

By Thomas Jones
Geoff Burke – US PRESSWIRE

The Washington Wizards attempted to give this game against the Philadelphia 76ers away. After being up by double digits a few times, relinquishing the lead a few times, and losing Bradley Beal to a sprained ankle, they finally pulled out the win with a John Wall jump shot. Defense and timely shooting has been the key to the Wizards winning games all season and tonight was no different.

Missing in this sub par season by the Wizards has been there defensive effort. They only allow 95.5 points per game which ranks them in the top 10 in the NBA. They also rank in the top 10 in field goal percentage as well as three point field goal percentage. Even without their full complement of players the Wizards have put in max effort on defense all season. That trend continued against the 76ers, they held them to only 38.8 percent shooting for the game.

While the defense has been stellar the offense leaves a lot to be desired. The main culprit has been scoring droughts. Tonight was no different as they suffered through a five plus minute scoring drought in the fourth quarter before Wall took over the game. Wall scored six consecutive points at the end of the fourth but none as crucial as the game wining jumper he hit with four seconds left on the clock. Lack of a shot has been one of the major issues with Wall but he showed extreme confidence when he stepped up to take that big shot at the end of the game.

The Wizards can’t continue to go through long scoring droughts and expect to win games. They need to step up on offense and take the pressure off of their defense. Every win is a good win for a team trying to finish the season strong but this was a big win for Wall. After all of the talk earlier in the season about whether or not he is a franchise player, Wall one the game by not only hitting the game winner but also by getting a key block on Evan Turner in the last minute. Great win for the Wizards.

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