Passing Is Main Reason Why Houston Rockets Are Winning

By John Raffel
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Passing the ball is the secret behind the Houston Rockets‘ recent success.


Any basketball fan on the planet accepts the notion that teams don win if they don’t score, and they don’t score if they don’t shoot. The pass, of course, makes the shot a higher-quality one. That would explain why the Rockets are 8-1 when they have at least 30 assists in the game.

NFL teams have passing camps. Why not NBA teams? Passing gets the entire team involved offensively and makes it more dangerous. The Rockets have proven that fact to be very valuable.

That’s what makes second-year Rocket pro Jeremy Lin so valuable. He’s scoring just fine at 12.9 points per game but his assists, at 6.2, are making him even more valuable. The Rockets would prefer to see him increase that number. He’s getting more teammates involved and that’s what makes any NBA team effective.

The Rockets pummeled the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday 136-103, and Lin scored 21 points while dishing out nine assists. He shot 8 of 14 from the floor.

James Harden, by the way, also had seven assists in that game while matching Lin’s point total.

As the season progresses, expect to see Lin’s assists average increase if the Rockets continue to focus on passing. He’s had games of 10 and 11 assists so he’s capable of it. Houston coaches need to tell Lin to pass more than he shoots.

The shots will come, but it’s the passing game that’s winning ballgame for the Rockets.

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