Chris Paul Still Sets The Standad As NBA's Best Point Guard

By Tony Ramsey
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Although there has been an infusion of excellent young point guard talent in recent years, Los Angeles Clippers PG Chris Paul is still the cream of the NBA point guard crop.

Paul may not wow fans with high-flying dunks or athletic plays every game like Oklahoma City Thunder point Russell Westbrook or Chicago BullsDerrick Rose, before his ACL injury. Paul may not exhibit the long-range shooting exploits of Golden State Warriors lead guard Stephen Curry. At barely 6’0”, 175 lbs CP3 also doesn’t have the ideal height or combination of all-around tools of Philadelphia 76ers young All-Star Jrue Holiday.

But what Paul does have is an unrivaled understanding of how to run an NBA team. Paul’s uncanny ability to know when to look for his own shot or when to run a play for one of his teammates is textbook for what most coaches would want from their floor general since is Paul is something like a coach on the court. CP3’s knack for pushing the basketball on the fast break or knowing when to refrain and set up a half court set would be an asset to any team and has transformed the Clippers into one of the most dangerous teams in the NBA in less than two full seasons. Not many players can have that type of impact on a franchise so quickly.

What Paul lacks in physical attributes, he more than makes up for with his mentality and approach to the game. Paul is one of the fiercest competitors in the league that steps up when it matters. Paul may be smaller in stature but there aren’t many players in the NBA that can keep him from getting to where he wants on the court, either by using his exceptional handle, quick release or his ability to make tough shots and floaters from difficult angles.

While his statistics this season are a bit down from his career numbers – CP3 is averaging 16.4 points and 9.5 assists this year compared to career averages of 18.6 points and 9.8 assists – Paul is as effective as ever while playing on 32.8 minutes a contest. Paul has maintained his status as the NBA’s best true point guard in what many would consider a golden era of arguably the most important position in basketball.

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