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Denver Nuggets Rumors: Off-season Deal On Tap for Kyle Korver?

Dahntay Jones-US Presswire

According to a recent post from the Denver Post Sport’s blog site, Kyle Korver is to be sought after by the Denver Nuggets similar to the way Andre Iguodala was sought after and later brought to the mile high city. The Nuggets expressed interest in Iguodala, then with the Philadelphia 76ers, around the trade deadline last season, but he didn’t end up coming over in a trade until the summer.

Korver, currently playing with the Atlanta Hawks, is averaging 11.5 points per game and 4.1 rebounds per game this season, with a player efficiency rating of plus-13.57.

What’s more important though is the fact that Korver is a player that loves the three ball.

At the moment, his 3-point percentage (46.2 percent) is higher than his field-goal percentage (45.7 percent), and he holds the record  for three-point percentage in a season, making 53.6 percent of his attempts in the 2009-10 season.  He is looking to repeat this season as the best three-point shooter in the league, as he currently leads the way.

It also makes sense that he is money from the line, owning a career free-throw percentage of 87.6 percent, well above the Nuggets 68.9 percent.

The Nuggets could use a clutch shooter and he would also give the team (more specifically Ty Lawson) a chance to drive the lane more, knowing they can kick it out to Korver for the almost guaranteed three. His presence will make defending the Nuggets tough, and the defending team may have to leave the lane semi-open, knowing they can’t leave him alone on the perimeter to make an uncontested shot.

Korver is in his tenth year in the NBA and will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

Maybe it’s time for another summer acquisition, one that would greatly improve the Nuggets chances of going further in the playoffs.  The Nuggets’ 34.1 percent from three-pointers is a number that could be improved right away with the addition of Korver, as well as bringing up the team’s last place in free-throw shooting percentage.

For the time being though, we’ll just have to see what the Nuggets can do without him.

Who would we lose in the trade though? Can we really afford to lose any starters for him? I’d say if bringing him here means losing a Wilson Chandler or Corey Brewer, we just power on without him. I’m not sure exactly how Korver plays defense, but I hope that figures into the whole equation, and not just his ability to shoot.

We probably need defense more-so than another offensive piece, hopefully George Karl remembers that.


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