Philadelphia 76ers’ Jrue Holiday Needs to Start at Shooting Guard

By Michael Terrill
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers could be a much better team for many reasons, with the Andrew Bynum trade working in their favor being one of them. What the 76ers also have going against them is Jrue Holiday turning the ball over way more than any point guard should.

The 22-year old leads the NBA with 4.0 turnovers per game, and has the second most total turnovers in the league behind only Kobe Bryant with 218 this season. To put it in perspective, Philadelphia averages 13.0 turnovers per game, which is the second best in the NBA.

Holiday plays the one position that must secure the basketball the best and handle it the most. That just so happens to be the No. 1 reason why the 76ers do not have the least amount of turnovers per game this season, something I am sure the team is striving for as a whole.

The best way to fix this is instead of allowing Holiday to run point, start him at shooting guard. This way, his team-high 19.1 points per game can grow without him hurting the team by constantly giving the ball up. Philadelphia can then give more minutes to point guard Jeremy Pargo and allow him to enhance his skills.

Considering the 76ers are currently 23-36 and eight games behind the Milwaukee Bucks for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, I believe it is safe to say their season is done. Head coach Doug Collins must experiment with different lineups to see which players work together the best and who can be reliable come next season.

Playing Holiday is a good start, but there are still several other guys that need to see the court more often in order for the organization to see what they’ve got.

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