Houston Rockets’ Thomas Robinson Surviving Unconventional Rookie Season

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Now a recently acquired member of the Houston Rockets, Thomas Robinson was widely regarded as the player expected to go No. 2 behind Anthony Davis in the 2012 NBA Draft. His fall to No. 5 on draft night began what has been a fairly unconventional rookie season for the Kansas product.

The NBA universe received quite a shock when Robinson was dealt around the trade deadline from a struggling Sacramento Kings outfit to the Rockets, a move that didn’t sit well with the lottery pick.

“I don’t know…happy, disrespected,” said Robinson of his feeling regarding the trade in a recent interview with SLAM. “Somewhere between those two. I feel like I got dumped. That’s how I feel. Bad breakup. So I’m gonna make my ex hate me the next time they see me.”

Robinson felt like he wasn’t given a fair go in Sacramento, but it won’t be long before he finds ample opportunity with an emerging Houston team. Robinson admits adjusting to the NBA has been a challenge, but that is something that shouldn’t bother Houston fans.

When asked what the biggest adjustment has been since leaving Kansas, Robinson said, “Knowing if I’ll get enough playing time and new team, new city. I just think that change and the off-the-court stuff is really the hardest part for me. On the court, that comes. If you get reps, the better you get.”

Robinson’s stats have experienced a slight bump since the trade, but detailed examination proves his ability to impact games is improving.

While playing slightly more minutes in four games as a Rocket (now at 16.5 per game), Robinson has increased his points per game from 4.8 to 5.5, while his field goal percentage has spiked dramatically. The biggest positive is Robinson’s PER which has jumped from 10.7 as a member of the Kings up to above the league average at 16.5 and his per 36 minute numbers indicate Robinson is a 12 point, eight rebound guy already.

We have only seen a small sample size from Thomas Robinson, however, the positives clearly exist. Watching the 21-year-old develop among a talented a playoff bound squad is something Houston fans can deservedly get excited about.


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