NBA Miami Heat

LeBron James Has Magic of His Own

Scott Rovak USA TODAY Sports

It seemed that their winning streak was coming to an abrupt halt. With a little sorcery, the Orlando Magic almost fizzled out the Miami Heat in the American Airlines Arena.

But this was no fairy tale for the Magic, or a happy ending for that matter. On the contrary, LeBron James has made one thing a reality: clutch player.

With the game on the line, His Majesty had the ball in his hands and did not pass it. With a winning streak on the line, King James had the ball in his hands and scored. And no, this was not an illusion. With a little wizardry of his own, James dazzled the Arena with dribbles and a drive to the lane that neither the Magic’s defense, or Houdini could foil.

For years, there has been disrespectful literature and dialogue that LeBron is not a closer. It seems the King has heard this tumult and seeks to silence the people.

James is more determined and confident than ever before. He has a championship title, he’s a Finals MVP, an Olympic gold medalist and yes, he will finish the game if needs be. You will believe in him.

Magic will not stop LeBron. Thunder will not slow him down, either. And there is no raging Bull he can’t tame. This is the Year of LeBron. His offensive statistics say it all.

Will the Heat’s streak continue into the postseason? A loss is in the near future. But that’s what scares me; the fire will ignite again and it will happen in the postseason.

Expect another Heat championship with James as the Finals MVP. Just remember, I said it first. Up next? Philadelphia 76ers.

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