Orlando Magic Need To Make Better Use of Andrew Nicholson

By John Raffel
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Nicholson is still developing confidence as a rookie. That’s the case with most rookies, although obviously not with all of them.

But the 6-9 forward with the Orlando Magic needs to be more aggressive in attacking the hoop. When he does, he’s fine, but he’s still not going to the basket enough times.

In Wednesday’s dramatic 97-96 NBA loss to the Miami Heat, Nicholson started and saw nearly 17 minutes of action. He was 4-of-5 for eight points but only had two rebounds. He had nothing else on the stat sheet.

Nichols obviously needs to play the total game and his defense definitely needs some work. When he gets his hands on the ball offensively, he’s usually doing some positive things with it and it behooves the Magic to get him more opportunities on the court.

Within the next few weeks, along with focusing on winning games, the Magic need to make sure players like Nicholson are also set to blossom into something. They’re not playoff bound, but they need to figure out for 2013-14 how they can get more out of him.

For the season, Nicholson is averaging 8.4 points, 3.6 rebounds and 9.5 assists per game. It’s hard to complain with how he’s shooting the ball since he’s at 54.1 percent. His free throw shooting at 80 percent isn’t that bad either. But Nicholson needs to let the Orlando bench know that he’s planning on playing defense too. That way, he’ll be in longer and get more shots. That would be a benefit to this team considering that he’s making more than half of his attempts.

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