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NBA Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets’ Omer Asik’s Rebounding Numbers Are Astounding

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It would not be easy to find anyone rebounding the ball better than Omer Asik of the Houston Rockets. His defensive and rebounding skills continue to lead the way for the Rockets in their bid to secure an NBA playoff spot. Asik has in recent games been giving the Rockets excellent rebounding results. He’s averaged 10.4 points and 11.8 rebounds a game. His totals are up from his career marks of 5.2 points and 6.6 rebounds a game.

Asik is also having an excellent year shooting the ball at 54.2 percent. His free throw shooting is typically woeful for a big guy at 53.9 percent.

But it’s his rebounding that has especially been impressive this season. His 3.3 offensive rebounds a game is up 1.2 from last season.

The Rockets posted a 94-88 win Friday night over the Golden State Warriors and Asik was phenomenal on the boards. He brought down two offensive and 15 defensive boards for 17 rebounds while scoring six points. He had more of a complete game earlier this week in a loss to Dallas with 4-of-11 shooting for 12 points and 15 rebounds.

When Asik gets in a zone about rebounding, no one can stop him. He conducted a rebounding clinic in late February when the Rockets lost to the Milwaukee Bucks. Asik played good offense with 7-of-12 shooting for 16 points, but he brought down six offensive and 16 defensive rebounds for 22 total. He has flirted close to the 20-rebound mark at other times.

It’s been tough for the opposition to control Asik on the boards this season. That’s among the reasons the Rockets will be a team to watch in the playoffs, if they get that far.