Can New York Knicks Win Without 'Melo, Amar'e?

By Thomas Duffy
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire share a lot in common as players. They both like the ball in their hands, are highly effective when given enough touches, rarely play heartfelt defense, and each have now knee injuries that have kept them off the court for the New York Knicks.

Anthony is listed as “day-to-day” with a sore knee, whereas Stoudemire needs surgery (debridement) to remove tissue from his knee. Stoudemire will be out for about six weeks, which is such a shame because of how well he had been playing since finding his flow in the offense.

The Knicks could now be without their two best players, depending on how long Anthony is out, for an extended period of time. Who will step up?

Against the Utah Jazz last night, New York pulled out a victory, 113-84, with a widespread offensive attack.

J.R. Smith had 24 points and Steve Novak dropped 20 on 5-10 shooting from 3-point range, but after that the scoring was extremely spread out. Raymond Felton had 15, Iman Shumpert and Kenyon Martin each had 10, and Chris Copeland had 12 in just seven minutes.

For the Knicks to continue winning games without ‘Melo and STAT, this is how the scoring will have to be distributed.

Smith has the potential to carry the offense on a given night, but he cannot be counted on to lead the team in scoring every night. He is one of the most extreme players in the league in the sense that when he’s hot he can’t be guarded, and when he’s cold he can’t hit anything.

Mike Woodson will have his hands full with this situation. “Everybody has to pitch in,” coach Woodson said. “I can’t sit here and say who should score and who shouldn’t score. It’s got to be a total team effort on everybody’s effort.”

Based on what I’ve seen from every player on the Knicks this season, I seriously hope Anthony returns soon. I don’t know how long this team can survive without its superstar.

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